Make health a priority

untitled-design-44It can sometimes be hard to make your health a priority when you have a busy lifestyle, but here are 3 great reasons to start making changes for the healthier today!

1: Longer lifespan

Healthy diet and exercise has been linked to living longer, and not only this, but having higher quality of life at the same time, with less health problems, better mobility, less pain, and better cognitive function.

2: Better energy

It can be hard going through that “withdrawal” period where you give up junk food, high sugar foods and drinks, and start eating healthy and moving more. But if you can stick with it, you’ll find that after a little while, you notice your energy levels are a lot better with a great diet, and add in the energy promoting effects of exercise to top it all off and you are looking at better ability to concentrate, more elevated mood, better sleep quality, and being better able to cope with stress, what a great combination!

3: It makes you a good role model

If you have kids, grandkids, or friends that you care about, them seeing you taking measures to be healthy will be contagious! What a wonderful thought, that by you doing the right thing for yourself, that you could also be helping other people model your healthy behaviours.

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