Spa Retreat

Spa Retreat

Golden Springs not only offers you one of the best spas in Australia but also more optional activities than any other spa retreat.

Enjoy fitness classes, yoga, pilates, unrestricted gym access, great food, optional seminars and much much more….

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  • First class spa treatments
  • Feel relaxed and refreshed
  • Programs from 3 days right up to several weeks.
  • One of the best spas in Australia
  • Healthy spa cuisine
  • Full program of fitness classes each day for all fitness levels
  • Yoga &pilates
  • Optional seminars if that’s your thing
  • Unrestricted gym access
  • Freedom to manage your day – choose what you want to do
  • Optional tennis and golf
  • Suitable for singles, groups of friends or couples

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Fully equipped gymFitness & Gym

Optional fitness classes and an amazing gym

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Untitled-7Health Seminars

Enjoy a full program of health seminars for your long term success.

Untitled-6Spa Cuisine

Enjoy great tasting spa cuisine that nourishes your body

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