Fitness Trends of 2016

There are innumerable ways to work out, but just as with fashion; fitness also follows trends. Workouts that were all the rage in recent years, such as Zumba and Pilates, have lost some steam while others are coming into the limelight. If you’re tired of the same old workout and need a change, the new […]

Undo holiday weight gain

If you, like so many others, have spent the last month overindulging on sweets, booze, or other high-calorie foods, and now you’re reaping what you sowed on the scale, don’t worry. Follow these easy tips for undoing the damage and, in no time, you’ll be wearing your skinny jeans again. 1: Keep eating. Skipping meals […]

Bacon = cancer?

You may have heard about the recent quite scary health claims by the World Health Organisation claiming that processed meats in general are carcinogenic (will cause cancer), and that red meat is probably a likely culprit as well. Does this mean a lifetime of tofu and lentils? Should we all become vegetarians? Lets take a […]

New Years Resolutions

The days leading up to the New Year come with that inevitable question- “So what are your New Years resolutions?” You might give the standard answers like losing weight, quitting smoking, getting fit, saving money etc. You may have even put a little more thought into things and have some more detailed goals, or decided […]

Spirituality and Physical Health: The Connection

There’s no widely-accepted, clear-cut answer to how spiritual and physical health are connected – but the consensus seems to be that they are. Spirituality refers to the way you go about finding inner peace, comfort, hope, and meaning in your life. Some people find spirituality through religion while others find it through nature, art, or […]