Lighten Up

Lighten Up

Feel like the cooler months are bound to get heavy? Heavy coats, heavy boots, heavy meals, and a little heavier on the scales. It doesn’t have to be that way! Here we discuss ways that you can lighten up over winter in every sense of the word!

Lighter meals

In winter it can be tempting to ditch the salads and go for the warmer meals, but this doesn’t necessarily have to mean higher in calories. Healthy lean protein and fresh seasonal vegetables in a healthy clear soup is a fantastic way to enjoy a lighter meal that will warm you up from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!

Lighter exercise

While it can be tempting to really rug up in heavy sweatpants and a bulky hooded jumper, there are in fact lightweight exercise clothing available that helps keep you insulated while not restricting your movement during a workout. Think lightweight jumpers that you can easily tie around your waist if you get too warm, leggings, and maybe a beanie.

Lighter workload

Think of ways that you can reduce the amount of work that you do around the house so that you have more time for physical activity, meal planning, or preparing healthy meals and snacks.Take inventory of the time you spend at home, where could things be streamlined?

Could you do a little declutter and live off a minimalist wardrobe and cut down on your loads of washing? How about getting your home clutter free so you spend less time cleaning and maintaining it? Think about ways to free up your time for healthy behaviours.

Lighter environment

The winter months come with less natural light through the day, and this can result in mood changes. You might find that you are feeling a little less energetic, or positive. Setting automatic timers for your bedroom lights so that you wake up to light instead of dark, sitting near a window during the workday if possible, and walking to and from your car 5 minutes each way in the sunlight can all help.

Lighter mindset

Try and set aside some time for meditation or mindfulness exercises. This can help bring you back into the moment and clear your mind of stress or concerns, allowing your brain to recharge and process things better.

Lighten that guilt

Having a perfectionist attitude towards health can lead to some serious guilt if you deviate from your plan. Give yourself a little more room to move, and allow yourself occasional indulgences and slip-ups and understand that this is all part of the process. If the majority of your choices are healthy, chances are those times when things don’t go to plan really aren’t going to have too much of an impact. After all, life is to be enjoyed!

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