Boost your metabolism with these exercises

Running from behind

When it comes to a slow metabolism, two ways to fight this is to increase muscle mass (how much muscle you have) and to do exercise regularly, as your metabolism remains higher for hours after a workout.

Here are three exercises that work out your larger muscle groups and multiple muscle groups at once, to give you a great metabolism boost short term and long term (if you keep it up)…

1: Jumping jacks

An oldie, but a goodie, using both lower and upper body, getting your heart rate up, and efficiently burning calories. If you have issues with joint pain, get into a heated pool, and do your jumping jacks underwater to cut out the impact and pressure on joints!

2: Burpies

If you haven’t done these before- jump in the air, drop down to the ground, step or jump your feet back into plank position on your hands and feet (body straight), then jump or step your feet back in and repeat.

These work large muscles in your legs, jumping requiring immense power for the dynamic movement, then the second part of the exercise works your core (postural) muscles, arms, shoulders, and back. All in all, a very efficient exercise!

3: Cross trainer

If there’s one piece of exercise equipment that is fantastic for working upper and lower body muscles, as well as your core, it’s the cross trainer. The big plus is that it’s very low impact, so great for those who struggle to jog or walk on a treadmill due to jarring that comes with each step. And as you are working your entire body, it’s an incredibly efficient workout.

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