Baby weight


Baby weight won’t budge? Learn 4 surefire ways to get back to your pre-baby weight.

They say your weight will naturally come off after having your baby right? For most of us it’s just not that easy. The good news is that there are some easy and very effective strategies to shift that baby weight and get you back into your favourite jeans.

Get strong

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, being bed bound after birth, and hours of rocking can mess with your posture, strength, metabolism, and cause joint pain. The great news is doing resistance exercises just three days a week, for just 15-20 minutes can make a huge difference!

If your weight training skills are a bit rusty, getting some help from a professional can be priceless. You’ll get an exercise program tailored to your needs and fitness level, and help with your technique until it all becomes second nature to you.

Eat smarter

Learn the foods that are good for you, give you great energy levels (without the sugar crash), the right portions sizes for you, and don’t make you feel like you’re on a diet. The best way to make smart choices is to be informed about which foods are both healthy and naturally lower in calories. Once you know what to eat, make sure the right foods are well stocked at home, and empty calories are out of the house (or out of sight).

Great minds thing alike

Spend time with other people who are working to improve themselves and get healthy in a positive way. Share your achievements, tips, and workout together. Avoid people who criticise your efforts, make you feel bad about yourself, or encourage you to self sabotage. Having a strong support network to encourage you will help you more than you could imagine.

Know yourself

Doing something because it is habit, easy, or feels good in the moment can work against you. Break the habit of running on autopilot. Become aware of the behaviours that have sabotaged your weight loss. Reprogram yourself towards a healthy and positive lifestyle. The biggest hurdle for mothers is often realising that in taking care of themselves, they can look after their family with more enthusiasm and energy.

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