3 Amazing Fitness Exercises You’ll Find at Retreats for Women

Even though there are tons of health retreats out there that welcome everyone, you’d be surprised by how much better sometimes it can be to visit special retreats for women where you can relax and really let loose.

A wellness retreat is a type of vacation that focuses on cleansing and detoxifying your body and focusing on your wellbeing. There are different wellness retreats, from a diet retreat to spa centers. 

Sometimes, it’s definitely worth trading nightlife and sunbathing to focus on your health.

What Is a Wellness Retreat for Women?

A wellness retreat for women is a distinctive type of wellness retreat that focuses on bringing women together and providing female empowerment. 

What makes these retreats so unique is the comfort, support, and things that you can only do in an only women’s retreat.

Types of Workouts and Activities You Can Find in Retreats for Women?

Depending on the type of retreat, you can find different activities and workouts. You have sunrise yoga, skiing, horseback riding, climbing, surfing, mountain biking, and high-altitude running. 

Overall, this list can be endless.

Despite that, let’s explore three exercises that are highly popular in retreats for women. Of course, you can do these workouts whenever and wherever you wish.

1. Hip Raise

retreats for women hip raise

Instructions: Lie on your back with your knees bent. Keep in mind, your feet have to lie flat on the floor. 

Now raise your body and form a straight line with your shoulders. While you are doing that, squeeze your glutes and brace your core. Hold it for three to five seconds, then lower it back to start. 

Make sure you are squeezing the glutes tightly all the time. 

Benefits: This exercise targets the glutes, which helps make your belly flatter. 

When you have weak glutes, the top of your pelvis tilts forward. This causes stress on your lower back, which in turn makes your tummy stick out, even if you do not have a lot of fat.

2. Squats  

retreats for women Squats

Instructions: Keep your back straight, shoulders up, and chest up. Keep your feet wide as your shoulder width. 

Bend your knees and slowly crouch down. Look straight while squatting and do it in a controlled manner. 

If your knees and back start hurting, you are doing it wrong. It should focus on your hips, glutes, and quadriceps most.

Benefits: The squat is the most popular exercise, and that is for a reason. The squat is the most effective exercise to strengthen your hips, thighs, and rear end. 

There are various types of squats but you can start with the basic one.

3. Step-Ups

retreats for women Step-Ups

Instructions: Stand in front of a step stool or a bench. Place your left leg on the step.

Keeping your chest up and core engaged, press your left foot and push your body until your left leg is straight. Then lower your body down until your right foot touches the floor. 

While doing this exercise, keep your body balanced, do not lean too far forward or too far back. 

It’s basically like climbing some stairs, only you work one leg at a time.

Benefits: This exercise is best for targeting the muscles of your glutes and hamstrings. 

This way, you will create more powerful legs and a tighter rear end. Step-ups also strengthen your quadriceps since they are helping you to straighten your knee against resistance.

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